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Wool Scarf, Dusty Plum and Blue, Handwoven

Wool Scarf, Dusty Plum and Blue, Handwoven

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Handwoven wool scarf. The scarf is light plum and blue.
The scarf is 92 inches by 11 inches with an additional 2 inches of fringe on each end.
The scarf is reversible and can be worn with either pattern.

Hand wash only, lay flat to dry.
The scarf has been pre-washed to minimize shrinkage.

Basic Hand Washing Instructions:

Fill clean sink with cool water, add a few drops of mild dish washing detergent.
Let scarf sit for a few minutes,

As with all woolen products, do not ring or twist, ringing and twisting will felt the wool together, (do NOT use the fragile cycle of your washing machine)

(Optional: Rinse in cool water, for more softness add a little bit of regular hair conditioner to the rinse water, let sit for a minute,)

Rinse again in cool water, adding a half teaspoon of vinegar to the rinse water.

Rinse again in clean cool water.
Lay flat to dry.

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