Hand thrown and handmade Bonsai Pots, Orchid Pots, Flower and Herb Pots and Cactus Planters, hand thrown Coffee Mugs, Bowls, Shaving Mugs, Beer Steins, Cat and Dog Bowls, Vases and Pottery for Home Decor.   Pottery is made from high fired Stoneware Clays, glazes are lead free.

White Horse Pottery is located in Northwestern Colorado. For more information about how the Bonsai Pots and pottery are made and planter freeze-thaw information, click here.

If you are looking for Bonsai stands, monitor risers, tv stands, and other furniture built by my husband Jim, they can be found here at Jimswoodworks.com

Bonsai Pots are made in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles from 3 inches to 12 plus inches wide. All Bonsai pots are hand thrown or handmade with high fired and sturdy Stoneware clay and are ready to purchase.  All glazes are lead free. Bonsai Pots can also be used as Cactus and Succulent Pots.

Orchid Pots and Flower, Herb, and Cactus Planters and Pots

Orchid Pots are hand thrown or handmade from Stoneware clay and are lead free. Orchid pots have ample air holes.

Flower pots, herb, and cactus planters are made from Stoneware clay and include saucers.

Mugs, Beer Steins, Shaving Mugs

Hand Thrown Coffee Mugs, Tea Bowls and Cups. All Mugs, cups and tea bowls are made from sturdy High Fired Stoneware clay, are food safe, lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe. Great for soups, coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

Hand Thrown Steins come in light, medium, and weight lifter weights. They are made from high fired sturdy stoneware clay, are food safe, lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

The shaving mugs are also hand thrown from sturdy high fired Stoneware clay. All shaving mugs are lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe and can also be used as coffee mugs.

Bowls, Cat and Dog Bowls, Vases

Food Safe Serving Bowls are hand thrown from High Fired and Sturdy Stoneware clays and are lead free, dishwasher, microwave safe.

Food safe, lead free, sturdy Dog and Cat Bowls made from High Fired Stoneware Clay.

Vases can be used for decoration, to hold things, and flower arrangements. They are glazed on the inside and can hold water for flower arrangements.

Miniatures, Handwoven, Handmade Jewelry

Miniatures are little things made from clay.

Hand woven items include mug rugs, towels, table runners, and more, made from fine wools, blends, and organic cottons.

Handmade Jewelry is made from Gemstones, Crystals, Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass.

Shipping and Ordering Information

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