Plant a Tree


WHITE HORSE POTTERY's commitment for the Planet

Planting One Tree for Every Item Purchased

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White Horse Pottery has partnered with Tree-Nation, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change by reforesting, leading to the reduction of CO2, improving tree diversity, wildlife habitat, and sustainability on our planet and by creating a platform which oversees tree planting projects throughout the world.

Why I am participating in the 'one product, one tree program'.

Knowing what to do to build a better and sustainable future is now critical and can be overwhelming.  Deforestation is a large contributor to climate change. Millions of acres of forests are lost every year.  I live in the Western USA, and I personally see this on a massive scale due to heat, drought, wildfires, and Pine Beetles. 

Each year we loose vital trees, wildlife and wildlife habitat, and rare species of medicinal plants worldwide. To build a better future it is now the time to act.

This is why I, along with thousands of other businesses, have partnered with Tree-Nation and for each item that is  purchased on my website, Tree-Nation will plant a tree,  there is no extra cost to you, there is nothing you need to do.

How it works:

After you purchase an item from my website, Tree-Nation will automatically send you an email, click the "Plant Your Tree Button" and you will be taken to the Tree-Nation website ( where you can view:

  • The URL where you can see a photo and learn about the species of the tree that was planted.
  •  The forestation project where the tree was planted, including the location.
  •  See a certificate of planting.
  • The amount of CO2 the tree will eventually remove.

You will also learn about the local community that the tree is helping to support and the benefit to the local economy.

The emails will look like this:


 If you would like to gift planted trees to your friends and family please view the Tree-Nation Website